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Massage Therapy Treatments

A soothing and relaxing body massage using a range of stroking and kneading movements designed to take you to a deep level of relaxation.

Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is transferred to you by the therapist gently resting their hands on or above various parts of the body. The treatment is non-intrusive and you will remain fully clothed.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is a therapeutic and relaxing massage which will primarily focus on releasing any neuromuscular tensions to alleviate any muscle and joint stiffness.

Welcome to Soul-e Holistics Massage Therapy

Soul-e Holistics is an organisation that is committed to promoting Massage therapy, Healthy Living and Lifestyles in the form of the 3 ‘R’ principles.

Relaxing, Releasing and Rejuvenating are the key areas that the organisation focuses on in order to maximize and enhance your well-being.

Finding the right balance, in addition to managing the pressures of work and home-life is often a difficult task for most people. Our aim is to show you how to prioritise some quality time for yourself and how to incorporate some 'me' time into your busy schedules. By practicing and maintaining these basic principles will not only be beneficial to your state of mind but will essentially make a difference to your physical and emotional health.

The main focus of our massage treatments is YOU. Our aim is to allow you the time and the space to switch off from any external pressures and for you to relax. By working all or various aspects of your body, enables us to unblock any unwanted energy and allows you to release any tensions. The key is for you to feel rejuvenated and ready to face the world with a renewed energy and vitality.

Not only do we want to tell you about the range of massage therapies on offer but also to share with you how they can be beneficial to you and your health.

You only have one body so it makes sense to look after it.

Baby Massage is rewarding for both parent and baby

Soul-e Holistics Massage Therapy

Soul-e Holistics Massage Therapy was set up by Rosemarie as a massage therapy company in 2007.

Rosemarie’s background is Social Work, Probation, Training and Assessing. Having worked in these demanding roles, she realised the importance of taking time out for herself, in order to optimise her health and well-being. Having experienced several treatments Rosemarie decided to undertake further study and qualified as a Holistic Massage Therapist.... find out more