Rosemarie Graham

Soul-e Holistics Massage Therapy was set up by Rosemarie as a massage therapy company in 2007.

Rosemarie’s background is Social Work, Probation and Training and Assessing. Having worked in these demanding roles she realised the importance of taking time out for herself, in order to optimise her health and well-being. Having experienced several treatments Rosemarie decided to undertake further study and qualified as a Holistic Massage Therapist in 2002. She has continued to build up her repertoire and is very passionate about the therapies that she offers.

Rosemarie offers a wide range of treatments ranging from Swedish/Holistic Massage, Aromatic Indian Head Massage, Hot Stones Massage, Hot oil Massage, Traditional Thai Foot Massage, Hands Free Massage, Natural Lift Face Massage, NYR Organic Facials, Deep Tissue Massage, Seated Acupressure Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology, Reflexology for Pre-conception, Maternity and Labour, Reiki & Seichem Healing, Hydrotherm Massage and Nutritional Therapy. Rosemarie is also a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) and a member of International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM).

Rosemarie is professionally accredited by ITEC, fully insured and is a Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

Depending on the nature of the assignment(s) Rosemarie has a database of highly professional and experienced therapists who are committed to providing a bespoke quality service.


What Our Customers Are Saying

When booking a massage as a gift for me, my sister said she spoke to Rosemarie on the phone and thought "this is the one!". Rosemarie's treatments always take you where you need to go. Each is different and I leave feeling deeply balanced, blissed out or just knowing I have released and just let it all go. Rosemarie understands the power of holistic therapies and is professional and confident holding a space and supporting you so you can heal. She always gives that little extra love, you know you are always getting the best from her. A personal recommendation - try the hot stone massage - like being in a warm, caring, managing bath! Left me on cloud 9! Such a genuine, down to earth and conscientious woman, I highly recommend Rosemarie.


I love my massages with Rosemarie. She always gets the pressure just right and I feel so relaxed when I leave. Thank you Rosemarie.

Susi Vila

My husband booked the Souleholistics pregnancy massage treatment for me as a surprise (bless him). I had reflexology, massage and facial rejuvenation. Rosemarie you were too good in your work and very friendly. I felt so refreshed and lively at the end of it... Thanks again Rosemarie.


Hi Rosie! I think u did it again! I came to see you for prenatal reflexology on Saturday. I was due to be induced on Tuesday anyway. I started getting some contractions but thought it was braxton hicks! When i went in on Tuesday i was already 3cm dilated! i was still induced and instead of it taking about 2-3 days i had my little baby boy on 22nd June at 5.20pm! so basically on the Wednesday afternoon! Thank you for your amazing work!

Selina Ali

Hey rose, totally forgot to tell you. My daughter was born Friday, Feb 26th. Light Contractions started Tuesday night after our session and properly kicked off on Thursday night!

Daisy G

A soothing and relaxing body massage