Essential pamper party ingredients…

  • A group of friends
  • Some food: healthy nibbles
  • A light bottle of bubbly/wine NOT essential
  • Spare room or quiet space to do the treatments.

What happens next…

Prior to my arrival I will have organised the schedule for each guest and their selected pamper treatments to ensure that everything runs smoothly. I will provide all the necessary equipment so you have nothing to worry about.

The party…

Your massage treatments can be taken all at once or split into two sessions. This will give the rest of your guests the chance to socialise. All pamper treatments will follow a pre-arranged schedule so everyone will know when they are being treated.

PAMPER MASSAGE TREATMENTS can be mixed and matched 10/15/20/30/45/60 mins. Ideal of hen nights, birthdays, pamper parties for mums, baby showers, girls/boys night in etc.

Shea holistic massage

A soothing and relaxing massage designed to take you to a deep level of relaxation. Helps aching muscles, improves circulation and release toxins.

Indian head massage

Indian Head massage involves working the energy chakras on the head, neck, shoulders, arms, scalp and face. Helps to relieve headaches, anxiety, tension in the neck, sinus problems and stress.

Hot Oil massage

A Hot Oil Massage with an infusion of heated ginger, juniper and rosemary oils to relax and ease away any tired muscle tension. Helps improve circulation, metabolism and detoxification.

Traditional thai foot massage

Traditional Thai Foot massage is a relaxing treatment of the lower legs and feet with the use of a wooden stick to stimulate the reflex points. Helps to release toxins, improve circulation and flexibility, boosts immune system, aids relaxation and alleviates stress.

Hand, arm and foot massage

A soothing and relaxing massage of the hand, arms and feet to ease away the tensions and stresses of the day. Helps release toxins and improve circulation.

Reflexology foot/hand

Reflexology is a therapy that involves massaging and manipulating reflex pressure points/energy zones found on the feet and hands. These reflex points correspond to glands and organs within the body. Helps to provide deep relaxation, release toxins, improve circulation, boosts immune system, aids relaxation and alleviates stress.

Hands free/deep tissue massage

A deep tissue massage that uses the arms and forearms. Helps release tension and aching muscles, improves circulation metabolism and detoxification.

Natural lift face rejuvenation massage

Your face is a reflection and mirror of your inner health. This soothing and relaxing treatment will improve complexion and elasticity, remove toxins, promote suppleness smooth away facial lines and rebalance your emotions whilst rejuvenating and restoring your skin back to its natural status. Helps to improve circulation, strengthen, tone, balance facial muscles, condition the skin, improve sinus conditions, relieve muscle tension, relieve stress, headache and eye strain.

Holistic indulgence each guest has up to 1 hour of pampering time. Min 3 guests

Holistic indulgence package discounts 4 or more guests

Hostess receives 50% off their pamper treatment package.

Mini indulgence each guest has up to 30 mins pampering time. Min 4 guests

Mini indulgence package discounts for 6 or more guests

Hostess receives 20% off their pamper treatment package.

*Please ensure that any alcohol consumption is kept to a minimum prior to receiving treatments.

Natural or Organic Products are used for the treatments.

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