Reflexology is a therapy that involves massaging and manipulating reflex pressure points/energy zones found on the feet and hands. These reflex points are believed to correspond to glands and organs within the body. By working these areas it can be used to treat the whole body by releasing, unblocking and alleviating any tension in order to restore and rebalance the body. Can help to provide deep relaxation, release toxins, improve circulation, boosts immune system, aids relaxation and alleviates stress.



Traditional Thai Foot massage is a relaxing treatment of the lower legs and feet with the use of a wooden stick to stimulate the reflex points. Based on the principles of Shiatsu, Reflexology, Yoga and Chinese massage this wonderful treatment will focus on the Sen (energy) lines. By working along these pressure points and stretching the lines any blockages can be released in order to restore balance and energy to the body. Can help to release toxins, improve circulation and flexibility, boosts immune system, aids relaxation and alleviates stress.

Natural or Organic Products are used for the treatments.

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