I love my massages with Rosemarie. She always gets the pressure just right and I feel so relaxed when I leave. Thank you Rosemarie.

Susi Vila

When booking a massage as a gift for me, my sister said she spoke to Rosemarie on the phone and thought "this is the one!". Rosemarie's treatments always take you where you need to go. Each is different and I leave feeling deeply balanced, blissed out or just knowing I have released and just let it all go. Rosemarie understands the power of holistic therapies and is professional and confident holding a space and supporting you so you can heal. She always gives that little extra love, you know you are always getting the best from her. A personal recommendation - try the hot stone massage - like being in a warm, caring, managing bath! Left me on cloud 9! Such a genuine, down to earth and conscientious woman, I highly recommend Rosemarie.


My husband booked the Souleholistics pregnancy massage treatment for me as a surprise (bless him). I had reflexology, massage and facial rejuvenation. Rosemarie you were too good in your work and very friendly. I felt so refreshed and lively at the end of it... Thanks again Rosemarie.


Hi Rosie! I think u did it again! I came to see you for prenatal reflexology on Saturday. I was due to be induced on Tuesday anyway. I started getting some contractions but thought it was braxton hicks! When i went in on Tuesday i was already 3cm dilated! i was still induced and instead of it taking about 2-3 days i had my little baby boy on 22nd June at 5.20pm! so basically on the Wednesday afternoon! Thank you for your amazing work!

Selina Ali

Hey rose, totally forgot to tell you. My daughter was born Friday, Feb 26th. Light Contractions started Tuesday night after our session and properly kicked off on Thursday night!

Daisy G

I am so pleased I came across this website and booked the Soul-e indulgence package. I had a hot oil massage and facial rejuvenation. Rosemarie was extremely welcoming and I felt so refreshed at the end of it... Thanks again Rosemarie.


Hi Rosemarie, you were right... Our baby boy came 2 weeks early at 4.30am Thursday weighing 6lbs 11oz, labour was super quick 3 hours - thanks for all your support with the pregnancy see you soon X

Freny J

Hi Rosemarie, you'll be pleased to know your magic hands did the trick after my rejuvenation massage with you on Friday!! I went into labour Saturday and had a baby boy at 22:15 Saturday night!!
Thanks so much xx

Payal P

I always visit Rosemarie when I am feeling stressed, tired, achey, or just in need of some pampering. Rosemarie knows exactly what she is doing and I always feel invigorated after her massages. Highly recommended!


Subject: My arrival Sent: 22 Dec 2012 10:54 by text: Morning Rosmarie. I wanted to let you know that my waters broke the evening of my lovely massage and I had the baby yesterday morning at 3:45am!

Rena P

Hi Rosie. Hope you are well. Just wanted to say a Big Thank you for the reflexology and massage you did for me on Wed 31st Dec ... My labour pains started on the Friday night and I had a natural delivery on Sunday 4th Jan - a little baby girl.
I will be in touch with you soon for some pampering
Thank you once again


I went to see Rosemarie after feeling exhausted and physically and mentally drained. I had a deep tissue massage. After the treatment my body felt refreshed and invigorated. I would highly recommend a visit to Rosemarie for a treatment if your body needs to be healed and recharged with her powerful but magic hands. An excellent and professional therapist.

Theodore Weekes

I try and see Rose at least once a month for a deep tissue massage. She knows how to apply the right pressure and her magic hands keep my muscles feeling fresh and rejuvenated after the harsh realities of life. I feel like I'm on cloud 9 after I see Rose and my body feels young and free from stress. Highly recommended as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Darnell Da Costa

I first saw Rose for a massage in March this year 2012 at Notting Hill, as I had bad back pain, and have been going back every month since.
She is very kind ,understanding and always gives a relaxing beneficial massage.
I recommend Rose to everyone who needs a massage.


Rosemarie has been visiting our offices for many months and I find that I now look forward to her visits very much. She is always careful to ensure that the massage meets my needs, she can offer a variety of techniques and I leave each time feeling thoroughly refreshed. I highly recommend a visit.

Phil (IT Bid Manager)

Every month I look forward to Rose coming to my place of work....WHY?...........

Because of the wonderful treatments I receive from Rose and the way it lifts my spirits. I highly recommend Rose and the fact she comes to my place of work saves me a lot of time and means I do not have to miss out on my monthly neck, shoulder and facial rejuvenation massage.

Highly recommended......

Sue (Manager)

Hi, I had my very first massage yesterday with Rosemarie and it was awesome!I feel so relaxed it was like being on clouds. This is definitely something I could get used to. Rosemarie was very welcoming, helpful and has lovely hands

Simy Mathew (Social Worker)

My rejuvenation pregnancy massage was absolutely amazing. I left feeling totally relaxed and wanting more. Rosemarie definitely has magic hands and i'll be booking another treatment before my baby arrives!!

Loretta Miller

I have known Rosemarie for many years and she always provides me with a fantastic massage service at her Isleworth and Notting Hill locations. She is very concerned about the well-being of her clients and not only provides stimulating treatments that heal the body, but also gives health and nutritional advice. She is highly recommended! Thank you Rosemarie for such a professional service!

Victoria (Manager Surrey)

I had a lovely and relaxing pregnancy massage with Rosemarie a few weeks ago in Isleworth. I had pulled a muscle between my spine and ribs when sleeping which was agonising. She has a very friendly nature and managed to massage the muscle out without it hurting somehow! I felt completely rejuvenated for days after and the pulled muscle was completely resolved by the end of the week (despite several weeks of getting better then worse). I enjoyed it so much I am thinking of doing the full pregnancy package with reflexology and facial next week after week 42 and the baby massage classes too! Thankyou Rosemarie! Regards,

Jenny Marsden

Jenny Marsden

When i first came to Rosemarie i was about 4 months pregnant- stressed,overworked and dealing with the bereavement of the death of my mother. Initially Rosemarie had a challenge on her hands with all my muscles tense and hurt to touch, but with her magic hands and lovely easygoing personality she worked miracles!! I am now 8 months pregnant and regularly visit Rosemarie for the pregnancy massage and i am a different person and so is my body. I can definately say that my pregnancy has been made a more positive experience with Rosemarie's treatments. There are so many benefits i dont know where to start, but the main things for me were: more positive emotional health, bonding with my bump and understanding my pregnancy, feeling completely relaxed, easing back and hip pain. I could go on and on and on ....... but i wont. I will continue to visit Rosemarie after the birth of my child as now it is no longer a treat but just part of my routine. Thank you Rosemarie xx

Rachel- Pregnancy massage

I am 40 years old and get alot of neck and shoulder pain as a result of stress. I have had lots of Indian Head Massage and Hotstone massage Treatments from Rose at her Isleworth location and they are heaven! You must try them out!
Rose is very sweet, makes you feel relaxed if shy and does everything she can to make the whole experience brilliant! I have had treatments elsewhere but hers are very deep, soothing and professional and really relieve the stress/pains. They have even helped with relieving constipation. There are acupressure points to relieve discomfort in all areas of your body. It really works! Amazing! Rachel Isleworth


I had a deep tissue massage with Rosemarie yesterday at Neals Yard Notting Hill. I feel so much better today as well, regenerated and much less stressed. I will definitely go back again soon. Thank you Rosie.


Rosemarie is really very good and I have been to see her on several occasions at Neals Yard. Unlike some massages, Rosemarie's treatments feel good not only while you are there, but also for quite a long time after it is finished. This is a real massage. I highly recommend.


I am 60 and over the years have had lots of different types of massages but I can honestly say that the hot stone massage from Rosemarie was the best I have ever had. I felt relaxed and totally rejuvenated and centered. I think Rosemarie must have been trained by angels. Seriously though I would highly recommend her on many levels. A wonderful experience from a very talented therapist.

Lynda Elson

I recently had an indian head massage from Rose. She was highly professional, calming and made me feel comfortable throughout the session. I have to say I had the best night sleep that I have had in a long time! A fantastic stress relief Thank you Rose

Jo , Psychologist, Surrey

Wonderful! If you want a fantastic massage which will get rid of lots of stress, Rose is the person!


What can I say! My deep tissue massage was wonderful, relaxing and very therapeutic! Worked wonders for my back, I am definately coming back for more treatments. Thank you Rose


Rosemarie Graham gives fantastic massages. I've been to many different places before and I'm very happy to meet finally such a great and professional therapist. I would seriously recommend her service. June 2009 West London

Melanie Pannenbecker

I was feeling really tired and exhausted after having a stressful day and needed to unwind and decided to have a hot stone massage.

During the treatment I was made to feel totally relaxed and even fell asleep. After the treatment I felt energised, refreshed and less stressed. I would definately recommend the hot stone massage. Thanks Rosemarie you made such a difference - unbelieveable!!! Albertha, Croydon. May 2009


Hi Rosemarie

Thank you so much for my last treatment. The hydrotherm was very relaxing - the warmth from the water in the pillows was amazing. I felt really relaxed by the end of the treatment and would definitely recommend it to all my friends.

Louise, Surrey April 2009


Over the past year I have been seeing Rosemarie regularly for treatments to help with poor sleep and anxiety I have been experiencing for a long time.

Rosemarie has had 100% success rate in helping me. Every time I have had a treatment with her
I have always fallen into a deep sleep and subsequently enjoyed deep and refreshing sleep for many nights afterwards.

I have seen many therapists over the years and really believe that Rosemarie is a leader in her field. She is extremely professional and maintains the highest standards of treatment and service from any therapist I have ever seen. She is warm, friendly, bubbly and funny and I always look forward to having a treatment with her.

Asha London January 2018


Hi Rosemarie,

Thank you for your help with my back tension. It wasn’t just a massage it was the whole experience which made me feel so much better and lighter. I had very bad muscles pain in my upper back due to stress. I decided to ask Rosemarie if she would have a time for me the same day and thankfully she did! After the assessment she knew exactly what I needed. Energy healing, head massage, something I never had before and I wished it wouldn’t end. Thank you. I will definitely be back.


I was full term pregnant and really needed some help to relax and give baby a gentle nudge to progress to labour. I had the rejuvenation package, recommended by Rose. It was absolute HEAVEN. My body was totally relaxed, released a lot of all the tension pregnancy comes with. It also helped me mentally to get into the mindset of calm and preparation of the event. 5 days later, I had my little girl! I highly recommend mummy-to-be's to have the same package, it is totally worth it!


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